Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lettuce Investment

Now it begins.  Ed set out his beautiful baby lettuce plants.  It's so exciting to plant the first lettuce transplants in the garden.  It's a real step toward those magnificent garden fresh salads we will soon enjoy.   Lettuce plants in the garden are like money in the bank except that this green stuff will increase at an amazing rate.   Money in the bank pretty much just sits there!

A few extra plants are still in left in their pots.  They will be planted in another spot.  In the meantime they grow where they are.  The red and green salad bowl plants are so pretty.  For me they rival flowers.

These are Flashy Trout Back.  One of Ed's  favorites, it is planted here every year.  These plants are still babies, but soon I will be able to pick these attractive leaves.  


Wouldn't you know it?  The very night that Ed  put the lettuce plants in the garden we had a cold downpour.  The tender plants were safe under this tarp. 

Here they are the next day standing tall.   Maybe it's just me but I think they have grown some already.    Ed is ready with the tarp in case the weather takes another nasty turn.  You might think us a tad overprotective, but they are our first babies of 2013!  We have to protect our investment.

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