Thursday, November 29, 2012

Impatiently Waiting For Spring

This may have been the first stone wall built on the pioneer farm here.  Grading uphill from the river bottom land, stones were abundant in this early field.  Along the field's edge, the order of the stones ranges from still solid wall to fallen down heaps.  The wall in the background represents two early springs efforts to put things right.  Low late winter sun softens this ground first as spring begins to take hold.  While the gardens remain frozen hard, this area will yield to determined hands and tools.  Newly restored wall will result from the first real outside work of 2013.  The stone cairn that holds the string defining wall's edge will have to be moved as the wall is overtaking it.

This from seed baby arbutus plant is expected see its first spring.  Three hairy leaves with more growth in the center  should carry it through the winter.  We visit here almost daily offering kind words of encouragement to this little guy.

What may be mother arbutus sports two bud clusters peeking out from the cover of overhanging leaves.  Can the scent of a flower actually be remembered or are we just stretching our imaginations looking forward to the first flowers of spring?

The sod house is anything but a work of art.  Primitive but functional, it already shows the effect of shade.  The sod mound prevents warmth of direct sunlight from reaching the ground where snow remains.  Frost hardened, winter is well under way here in this small spot of ground.  Pots of Oriental lilies are winter ready.  The next big challenge here will come from marauding rodents intent on chewing tender green new growth.  Traps, repellent and the will to move all of those pots stand ready to do battle.  For the moment, the wire cages keep the deer from walking here as we impatiently wait for spring.  Of course winter is the next season to arrive here, but if the arbutus is ready so are we!

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Unknown said...

I am feeling the same impatience. I have big projects ahead, and family needs kept me from working at the end of the summer and in fall. I can't wait to dig into the labor and see the increments of beauty and utility grow from my hands.

I will not be building a stone wall, but laying a the main stone path entry to my new garden space.

I do not have any ready for spring buds to spur me on, so thank you for sharing yours!