Monday, September 10, 2012

Early September North Wind

Pictures of the people here are rarely published.  We would prefer not to frighten people.  The unusual garb deserves an explanation.  Sun sensitivity is an undesirable side effect of some necessary medications.  A Solumbra helmet drape and a long sleeved shirt allow day long work outside.  With little skin exposed biting insects can find no meal here.  Passers by give me strange looks and tend to keep their distance.  I'm not sure that this is new behavior.

Today we noticed a shift in the wind.  It was coming at us from the north.  Frost is predicted in the cold shaded valleys.  Frost will likely not call here tonight but many of our plants detest cold nights.  Three pathetic lemon grass plants survived last winter indoors.  They were among the last of the plants to be planted out.  Their high water need was met during the drought and we have three beautiful plants to bring indoors.  For now they will spend only cold nights in the basement.  The rest of the time they will be outside on the stone wall.

We usually order three Lemon Verbena plants from Richters.  This year we took cuttings from our overwintering basement plants.  The cuttings rooted so for the first time ever we were able to plant out our own young plants.  Leaves on the freshly potted plants are droopy as expected.  Lemon Verbena really resents disturbance of its roots.  By morning their perk will have returned.

In 1993 Becky purchased a scented geranium at Caprilands from Adelma Grenier Simmons.  We have kept the monster alive and in bounds with severe pruning.  This year we discovered a section of stem that had layered.  This piece of plant has leaves, roots and a stem.  It should remain alive.  We could use a fresh start with this treasure.

Days in the summer sun brought the curry leaf plant back to health.  Becky vowed to herself that this plant would not see another winter indoors.  Time will tell the fate of this plant.  Tonight it is safely tucked in a spot on the basement floor.


Becky said...

With just 40 degrees on the thermometer and a warmer forecast for the next few days, our potted plants can go back outside on the wall for now. We have been warned!

Carolyn ♥ said...

We have 40's here at night now, but the temp bounces right back up into the low 90's during the day. Almost Autumn.