Sunday, September 30, 2012

Window With A View

Last week my sister was visiting here.  She spent considerable time "watching the mountain" out the living room window.  This is something she used to do when she lived in West Virginia.   Many people would laugh at the idea that the ridge behind the garden could be considered a mountain, but the truth is if I had to climb it, the ridge might as well be Everest. 

 I secretly hoped that the young  coyotes would make an appearance for her.  I thought about luring them in with a cage covered with shade cloth knowing that it is their very favorite toy, but I decided against it.  There's no point in inviting trouble.   While she was here birds and the neighbor's cat were the only visitors we noticed, but it's still a fabulous view.  This week there's been more activity.  Every morning I have to  wind open the window to yell at the half a dozen or so deer that come walking down the path.  With the rain and the cooler weather the trees are increasing the color on the hill a little more every day.  Just in case she misses the view, this is for her.

It is definitely fall in the garden, but we still have flowers to add even more color to the changing leaves.  Ed's chrysanthemums and asters are bright spots. The Nicotiana that I let come up all over  still add their evening scent and  reflect the moonlight if the sky clears.   Clouds and rain seem to be the weather we are getting.

When  it's not actively raining,  I'm still making trips to the garden to pick lettuce, green beans, mint, parsley, carrots and strawberries.  It seems like no matter where I go in the garden, every time I come back in the house I have to pick the seeds of Chinese forget-me-nots off my pants, socks and shoes.  They give me something to do while I watch the rain on the  mountain!  


Lyn said...

It certainly is a fabulous view, with the brilliant spots of Autumn colour. I would spent time looking out of the window too!

Big Sister said...

Thanks for my view of the "mountain." It is always a joy to be able to be at Stone Wall Garden. I have been blessed by having a sister like you. With love!