Friday, May 7, 2010

Stonewall Garden News

We had a light frost overnight. My shooting stars are beautiful, but some critter, chipmunk or squirrel, seems to be eating them.
Ed brought home this nice little clump of Bluets from Steve and Elaine's. They are a favorite of mine.
The yellow Clintonia or blue bead lily that we planted last year is in flower.

I just received some news from Horticulture magazine. They are having a garden photo contest with a $1000 prize. Here is the link: The contest deadline is June 1. Wiseacre and Sunita take note ! There are so many bloggers who take fabulous photos, I wanted all of you to know.

The other news is that Plants and Stones turns into a pumpkin on June 21. After that Horticulture will have a new 2010 Summer Class of Bloggers. Be sure to check it out. It could include anyone. I'm living proof of that! Being on that Horticulture best blogs list has been a thrill for me. I feel very much like Cinderella. I still plan to have a ball at the Bloggers' convention in Buffal10 in July. Most likely I'll leave my glass slippers at home, I'd just as soon not lose them!


Anonymous said...

Beauties, all of them. I especially like the bluets, too. :)

Northern Shade said...

I enjoy the wonderful shape of the shooting star flwoers. Mine are in a deep shade spot right now, so they haven't bloomed in a few years. I've been meaning to move them to a part shade area, but they disappear so quickly when summer comes. I will have to transplant them as soon as I see them up this spring.