Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weed Chamouflage

Here's a weed I can't identify. It's growing in the watermelons and no wonder! Look at the leaf shape. The flowers are yellow just like the watermelon blossoms. It has been doing," Don't pull me I'm a watermelon. " and getting away with it. I'm onto it now. It's growth habit is wrong. It's still has flowers when the watermelon plants don't, and those spiny little things are a dead giveaway. My suspicions are that we planted this weed when we planted the watermelon.

It always amazes me when a weed changes its growth habit and hides among my garden specimens. Frequently weeds get to flower before they are discovered. I'm sure that is their plan since reproduction is the ultimate goal of every plant.

Of course as soon as the impostor is discovered, out it comes. This bogus watermelon plant is now in the compost where it belongs.

It's cool cloudy and rainy, typical weather for the time of the Perseid meteor shower. Peak is Tuesday, but we will watch for falling stars for the next few nights if we get any holes in the clouds. It's a family tradition!

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