Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Rose by Another Name

The first flower has appeared on the Rose of Sharon. To me the blossom looks like a cross between a hibiscus and a hollyhock. Susan gave me several of these bushes. The deer find them irresistible , so this one planted right by the house is doing the best. Most of the others are hanging on, but it' s hard to thrive when your leaves get chomped off all the time.

This plant qualifies as a late bloomer. It's mid August and the flowers are just starting. There are still a few more plants waiting for their turn to shine. I love walking in the garden to look for the next new blossom. It will be this way till frost. (Oooooh did I say frost?) Well this isn't Oz, or Florida, or even Pennsylvania. It's Upstate New York and I love it here!

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