Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weeding Thyme. Planting Too.

Ed started the morning working on the latest plant delivery. Having arrived in a somewhat tumbled condition, these plants needed immediate attention. Set upright and watered they had time in indirect light. Today they were repotted destined to spend the next frost filled month outside on the stone wall days and in the basement nights. I headed outside early, and spent the morning weeding. Eventually it got hot enough to send me looking for a shady spot to weed. We don't have much shade here, but the patio on the west end of the house is shaded mornings. What I want to grow in the spaces between the stones on this patio is red creeping thyme. This moss obviously has other ideas.

With persistence, and my reading glasses, I weeded out the moss, rescuing some tiny thyme plants in the process. This weeding project is just getting started,weeding this patio will be my sunny morning project for awhile. As noon approached my shade disappeared. Just as I was heading into the house for lunch, the mail arrived. Today's delivery included two boxes. Ed's potatoes arrived from Ronnigers. They look terrific! The other box was from McClure and Zimmerman. Most of those plants have already been placed in the shade garden. What a joy it is to have the planting space ready and waiting when the plants arrive! It should always be that way I know, but in the middle of winter, surrounded by gorgeous plant catalogs, we frequently lose our heads. Somehow we think when May arrives we will be ready. Ready or not, May is here and plants are arriving. Gardening in May is so full of possibilities!

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