Monday, May 17, 2010

The In And Out Gang

Last night I checked the weather, and no frost warnings were posted for our area. We were both tired. I was ready to leave some plants outside overnight. " We have to do it sometime" I said. Ed was not convinced, so he carried almost all of the plants back inside. We didn't cover the Angelica or the lilies either. Sure enough when I woke up this morning we had frost. It was light and somewhat spotty, but it was frost just the same. I pulled on my coat, and went out to wash the frost off those who needed it.

Ed was right! He was so right! He was completely ...! The in and out gang and I am grateful.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. As it happens most of the plants with growth that would be bothered by this morning's light frost had already been zapped! We will get to eat the asparagus tonight even though it had a bit of a chill.

These are the days, when we have so much to do, that the garden seems huge. On the other hand when we search for places to add plants, it seems small. When you step back and view it from the west with nothing but the tree covered ridge in the background, it seems tiny. Everything is different depending on your point of view.

So what about tonight gang, in or out?


Northern Shade said...

With luck, that will be your last frost until Fall. My new plants made the daily journey in and out for the last couple of weeks to avoid the frost and snow, but now we are having what is considered a heat wave in Edmonton, so they all get to start spreading out roots.

wiseacre said...

If I had a nickle for every time I had to move the seedlings in and out we could have bought flats. But where's the fun in that? (while the wife is away - I must play) Thank goodness the last frost is probably behind us now.

Joyce said...

short on advice here, but golly that is the first i've seen this walkway and walls. awesome work!!!