Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Arrival Of The Wood Lilies

The arrival of our three wood lilies was a cause for celebration. We have been looking for wood lilies for many years. Now we have them. It was a pleasure to receive a box of plants that were so perfectly packed. Our new arrivals were securely placed in a long thin box made for shipping plants. The horizontal placement of the plants and the care taken to insure the containment of the planting medium resulted in safe shipment. High Country Gardens came in way ahead of everyone else in the careful packaging department.

We are still getting frosts, one is expected tonight, so the wood lilies were placed in larger pots, and have joined the growing outside during the day and back in the basement at night brigade. It was a pleasant surprise to see flower buds on these lily plants, but I know in my heart that these buds should be removed. The plants would be better off if I did that. Why do I find it so difficult?

Ed did remove the flower from one of the plants. It was partially open, but I put it in water anyway. Even this early flower shows the exquisite beauty of the blossoms of this plant. Perhaps I will go do the right thing and remove the rest of the blossoms. It's more important to give the plant a good start. If I put the flower buds in water I might get to enjoy them anyway.

Both the quality of the plants and their careful preparation for shipment has us looking at High Country Garden's catalog for next year's order. We have absolutely no reservations about ordering from them again.

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