Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Snowdrops

Today was another gorgeous day to be out in the garden. Ed spent almost the entire day outside, working on his ramp, weeding and adding soil to the shade garden. I headed out at around 11:00. With so much to do, it's hard to know where to start. It's a given that these beautiful days will end soon, and we will be back to cold, even snow. March has been kind to us so far, but it not likely to last. Where does one begin? With so much to do it really doesn't matter, so I just started. I did some weeding, picked up debris and cut off some spent flower stalks. The reality is that with a garden this size, and just the two of us to tend it, we just have to work at whatever seems right.

Late this afternoon Ed and I walked over to the memorial stone bench that Ed built for my parents. It's some distance from the house, and much of the path is shaded by the hill. The ground beneath our feet was still frozen hard. But the path turns and when we made our way to the bench, we were rewarded with the sight of this big clump of blooming snow drops. The plants are obviously happy where they are planted. They have had nearly an undisturbed decade to establish themselves. The snowdrops in the garden are just beginning to open.

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Deborah at KIlbourne Grove said...

Becky, I am hoping mine will be open this weekend.