Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Tonic

Today is filled with hope of the season to come. New ice formed overnight when the temperature dropped well below freezing but by 10am I was comfortable outside in shirt sleeves. These plants have spent the winter in a basement window. Today they had an hour in the sun. Their basement quarters were cleaned of dead leaves and white fly residue. Their windows are open and they are back in the basement experiencing screen filtered sunlight and fresh air. If the benefit to the plants approaches the lift I experienced from the warm sunlight and fresh air, then they are well on their way to surviving until they can be planted outside.


Gail said...

Becky, I love spring days that warm enough for us to be in shirt sleeves (and flip flops) then get cool at night so you want to sit by a fire. Glad you had that kind of day! gail

wiseacre said...

Nothing cures cabin fever better than a good dose of Spring Tonic. Fresh air, mild temps and more sunlight seem to be helping me.