Friday, March 26, 2010

S-s-s-snake and S-s-s-snow

We're back to cold, at least for today. It's funny that we should see our very first snake of the season on a cold day. He was on top of the wall, trying to get some sun, but was so stiff and slow that Ed was able to come in the house, get the camera, then go back outside and still get several pictures of the snake.

Snow covered the garden this morning except for the stone paths. Stored heat in the stones prevented the snow from sticking there, but the top of the stone wall, being up in the air, had a thin layer of snow. With the sun out the snow is melting slowly, but only where the heat of the sun can reach it. There is ice to scrape off the steps. Sorry Mr. Snake, it's March and there's still a lot of stiff and slow left in this spring for both of us.

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Christine B. said...

I'll just have to trust you on the snake thing. We have no snakes here in Alaska, to my children's everlasting disappointment.

Christine in Alaska