Friday, March 12, 2010

Stone Wall Garden 2010, A Beginning

Although the day was overcast, it was simply impossible not to venture out into the garden. Many places are still covered in snow, but the garden is beginning to emerge from it's covering of white. With geese flying North overhead and the sound of birds all around, we walked the garden paths checking up on the garden. Ed put cages over emerging bulbs hoping to foil the rabbits and deer.He refilled a hole in the shade garden bed dug by some critter. We suspect a skunk. He put a cage over the area, and we can only hope that some of the dog tooth violets are still there. Time will tell about that. The bluebird boxes needed some mending so Ed took care of that. One box is missing. Perhaps it will be found somewhere under a patch of snow.

I must admit I spent most of my time just looking around. Most of the beds are wet and the ground is still frozen. I did cut off some dead plant stalks, and pulled a couple of weeds in the bed directly in front of the house.The ground there has thawed. One was a mullein and the other garlic mustard.It's too bad we don't care for garlic mustard. It grows very well here. It's a very small start , but the weeding has begun. I picked stones out of the grass and put them back in the path where they belong.Every winter some stones are displaced by snow shoveling.

Ed stayed out longer than I did. He spent some time working with his compost. He takes his piles of "black gold" very seriously. The gardening season for 2010 has officially begun. Ed is sifting compost. He's back in the garden and couldn't be happier!


Gail said...

Pretty will be all melted and the ground will be ready to work...Way to go Ed, compost is black gold. gail

NellJean said...

The time spent just standing and looking is known as 'Creative Staring' and is an important part of the garden process. One day you'll just be standing, staring and suddenly the answer will come to you. You'll realize you didn't even know the question! Enjoy.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Nice to see the snow is receding in your garden, too. I have snowdrops today, although part of the yard is still covered in snow. We're going to make it through.

Meredith said...

You are on your way to Spring! Yay!

I'm jealous of Ed's nice sifter there. I'm currently just using a piece of hardware cloth and will have to show this design to my handy hubby with a heavy dose of hinting. ;)

Sylvia said...

It looks like you got a new bench! A great place to sit, relax and enjoy the flowers this summer!