Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ed's Toyota Moment

Ed has been working on his ramp and things have been going beautifully. The wall had reached what seemed to be the perfect height. Everything was straight and true, the way Ed likes his stone walls. The time had come to check the height with the Ranger since the purpose of this ramp is to make it easy to drive the John Deere, or push a wheelbarrow load of stone, into the bed of the truck. It looks great doesn't it?

The height was in fact perfect, the fit tight. What an incredible feat of engineering. What could possibly be Ed's secret?

I was standing on the porch watching Ed carefully line up his truck, and back slowly toward the ramp. I admit I didn't know what was happening when I heard the squeal of spinning tires, and clouds black smoke appeared. After all the truck wasn't moving at all as far as I could see. I didn't know Ed was having a Toyota moment. He thought he had placed his foot on the brake to stop when it was on the accelerator instead. Not wishing to damage his wall he pushed harder on the pedal. The effect of this was to push on his wall with all the force the Ranger could muster. The tires spun marks in the dirt.

Now Ed's beautifully vertical wall has an indentation in it. Of course it matched the trailer hitch on his truck perfectly. I can't actually tell which upset Ed more, his Toyota moment, or the fact that some of his wall moved.

Some say we get wise as we age. Sometimes I think we just get very lucky. This was definitely one of those lucky times.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! I love this story. I have to share that my father one time took his car to the dealership to see about a trade in. He pulled up in front of the showroom widows to park... yep... he hit the accelerator and drove up over the sidewalk and into the showroom right through the window.He ask them if he would get less for the trade in now. LOL! Poor guy was so embarrassed.
your hubby's ramp is sure a good looking one.
Great story Becky.

Christine B. said...

I think I might of had some road rage at that point. The wall still looks lovely, but will the hitch indent bother him forevermore?

Christine in Alaska

Becky said...

The ramp works beautifully the way it is, so I think he 'll be fine . Of course trying to match the indentation with the trailer hitch is like docking the space shuttle, but Ed always loves a driving a challenge.