Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Walk In The Snow

Today was a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect for a walk in the snow. Ed and Amy hiked to the back. Amy took the camera. I watched from the window as they disappeared over the ridge. When they returned they had pictures to share. It's amazing to see the effect the plants have on the texture of the slowly melting snow.The freeze thaw cycle leaves glinting crystals of ice and all kinds of interesting holes.

Deer have been digging in the back meadow to get down to the grass. Nine deer were spotted running off with their white tails in the air. The brown grass doesn't look very appetizing, but they are hungry. The scat they leave behind is dry and very similar to rabbit's.

Interesting shapes are left where the deer have been digging in the snow.

This intriguing hole in the snow with its sharp edges at the icy surface is my favorite picture. It was a lovely March day for a father and daughter to spend some time together enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Soon when the snow is gone and the footing is more secure, I will go along.

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wiseacre said...

Don't you love the way 'tree droppings' melt their way down into the snow.

Lucky for me the deer have a unharvested field of corn nearby keeping them busy.