Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Spring Blooms

It was snowing this morning, and really kind of chilly all day, but this afternoon when the sky cleared and the sun came out, we had flowers. These Pickwick crocuses are a perfect example of why an impatient gardener like myself plants bulbs in the fall. They take my breath away! They also get the attention of the honey bees. The rabbits trimmed these before the cage was in place, but only the leaves got trimmed. The flowers are perfect. We must be more diligent about noting the location of these early bulbs so that they can be caged.

The snow drops in this bed have been joined by this deep blue Dutch iris. I adore these little iris that bloom so early. Actually these blooms will last longer if the weather stays cool. They can take snow better than heat.

This clump of Dutch iris has grown from one to six in the years it has been in this spot. These flowers have a cage too. I removed it to take the picture. Without cages all of these flowers would become bunny brunch.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same crocus, aren't they charming? Spring has finally arrived!