Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nipped Off !

I was going to wait to change the header until we had a nice sunny day. Not knowing when that will be, I decided it was better to make the snow disappear. All around the garden spring bulbs are just peeking out of the dirt. Some already had cages over them last fall. Now we are trying to get cages around the ones we missed. Unfortunately rabbits are quick. It's maddening to see so much promise nipped, not in the bud, but even before that.

The cheeky little buggers even leave their calling card. There's nothing like early spring gardening to get your blood flowing, and in this case raise your blood pressure a bit as well.

Yesterday's attempt to save the dog tooth violet bulbs was less than completely successful. The cage is in place but there is new digging inside of the cage. Perhaps we owe the skunk an apology for falsely accusing it of pirating our new bulbs. The pesky red squirrel moves to the top of the suspect list. Our red squirrel is the most wary of creatures. It is on its way before I can fully open the basement door. How to stop it is a total mystery to me. Our only hope lies with the fox or maybe a circling hawk.

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wiseacre said...

Gets to ya doesn't it. I don't mind the occasional snack but our sprouts are not an all you can eat buffet.