Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bluebird House Hunting

Yesterday we got our first rain for the month of March. It's been awhile since I have smelled the rain, or is it the worms? I have to be honest after so many beautiful sunny days working in the garden, I was ready for some rain. The robins were happy. They were all over the garden looking for worms. The plants look happy too. The plant growing in my new pet stone seems to have loved the rain. I didn't think it could be a wall stone, but Ed made a nice place for it in the top of the shade garden wall. I also got my first bug bite of the season that gave me enough of a reaction to send me looking for the Benedril.

The bulbs are responding to the rain. This giant glory of the snow was hardly visible two days ago, and it will bloom soon if the weather holds. The bluebird houses that can be seen out the kitchen window had their first bluebird visitors this morning. He perched on the box on the left, and she perched on the box on the right. I hope they get it all worked out before the tree swallows arrive. Their appearance is just 4 days earlier than last year. There were other spring sightings while we were out this morning. We saw a blue heron, the river is high and running brown,and we had to drive 5 miles an hour behind not one, but two manure spreaders. Starlings, cowbirds, tricolor blackbirds have all made their first visit here. The garden is coming alive!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Isn't it exciting when the blue birds come in?I have two houses and two pairs now. I want to add a new house every fall so I can get more to come in. They are such a pretty bird.You must have a low reaction to bugs. Are you allergic to bee stings?

Becky said...

I have a reaction to bee stings, but so far it is limited to swelling and sometimes hives.