Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Rain

Clearly the garden is enjoying this all day rain. Green shoots are coming up fast. The gardener is not quite as thrilled. I took these pictures through a very wet window pane. I chose not to suit up and rescue the watering can from the picture. Obviously it is not needed in the garden today.

My Alliums in the bed in front of the house are growing every day. I'm so pleased to see them, and I got a really special surprise. Last fall when I was cleaning up, one of my two A. gigantium plants, one of them smelled rotten. I was expecting to see nothing on that side of the bed. Instead of that, several small rosettes have come up. While it's true I'm not expecting anything gigantic, a couple of small plants are very welcome, whether they bloom or not. Sometimes when you think a plant is dead and gone, you get a happy surprise. On the other hand , sometimes when you think a plant is dead and gone, it is indeed dead and gone.

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