Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sure Signs of Spring

The snow is melting in front of the house. The combination of the strong sunlight of a Southern exposure, and reflection off the white house has almost completely cleared the bed of snow. Sure enough the tips of daffodils are poking up through the dirt.

Beautiful little rose campion plants are there just waiting to be moved to a spot where they have room for their beautiful silver foliage and magenta flowers. It's too soon to move them , but is sure nice to see them.

Our seeds are already here. Ed is getting ready to start plants inside under lights. But today my first plant arrived. It's a gorgeous sunny day,but it was pretty chilly when I left the house this morning. This afternoon it was much warmer when I returned. It's a good thing too because on the porch was a Logee's box waiting for me. It was kind of a tall box for such a cute little plant, but the plant was well packed, and it looks great.I'm so glad it's here so I don't have to worry about it getting chilled. Ed is putting it in a larger pot, and it will join the indoor plants. It will be a while before I pick leaves to cook with, but I have high hopes for my new baby.

This morning I got a glimpse of two coyotes walking together along the ridge. The critters are pairing up. Maybe spring isn't here just yet, but it's coming. I can feel it!


Deborah at KIlbourne Grove said...

Hurry Spring, hurry!

Sylvia said...

So, your new plant is a curry plant?

Gail said...

happy new growth! There is something invigorating about seeing the new growth...Have fun with your new toys. gail

Christine B. said...

I'm waiting for my plant box to arrive in the mail any day now. We are just finishing up a blizzard here...think that will be a problem with delivery;) Spring, where are you?!

Christine in Alaska

Anonymous said...

You really CAN feel Spring in the air...almost smell it. :) And not a minute too soon for me.

Joyce said...

just can't wait for a few beautiful blossoms to arrive. right now i have to settle for indoor blooms. i bought the little one i have up on my blog at the grocery store today. before i left i had to write down what it is because Becky would know:) see you're rubbing off on me. although i have absolutely no knowledge beyond tulips, geraniums and petunias.