Thursday, February 25, 2021

No Fool Like An Old Fool

Anyone living in this part of NYS does not need to hear me whine about the lack of a midwinter thaw.  This year our snow cover has been continuous since the first December storm.  Every native knows the dangers of failing to clear the entire driveway.  This area was driven on before it was plowed.  The packed snow held the melt water creating an icy area that simply cannot be safely crossed.  Vehicle tires may be firmly held by the ice.  We are staying here today.

Yesterday Becky and I cleared the ramp leading to the basement.  We had considerable help from warm sunlight since nothing was done here for two full weeks.  Our vacation was the result of following the doctor's instructions concerning the time required for new skin to form on the back of my hand.  Most of another week must pass for the healing to be complete.  The ridges in the snow pack behind me show the strength of yesterday's day long sunshine.

For the first time ever, night winds blew over our trash cans spreading recycling over a wide distance.  The photo does not show the length of time necessary for me to bend far enough to reach the ground but the contents of one hand show that I was able to return to an upright position.

Both cans usually reside near the shed wall hidden from view.  The ice field likely made them easier to move but the recycling can was nearly full.  No way was I going to return them to their usual placement.  For now they are upright on the clear ground in front of the plow.  Only most of the liberated recycling was returned to the container. The larger tractor stored inside of the shed is my usual way to make the trek down the hill to the mailbox.  The ice field that extends to the door is why no mail will be sent today.  There are places in the lane where ice might prevent the tractor from climbing back up the hill.  If it got stuck, I would have the choice of walking on ice or sitting on the tractor waiting for the next thaw.

 The snow cover has been unmarked and pure white.  Apparently last night's wind snapped off the ends of pine branches which now litter the ground.  Still, this is a beautiful place to live.

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