Friday, November 23, 2018

Subzero Night

Our NOAA forecast called for an overnight low temperature below zero.  Early evening winds from the north filled depressions in the snow caused by animal footprints leaving a smooth surface.  As the temperature dropped, the wind died down and the sky became absolutely clear.  Clean air coming to us from the Arctic makes available sky views seldom seen here.  The moon was full casting enough light to suggest the possibility of a midnight hike.  When we were younger, and mostly free of pain and common sense, a hike would have likely happened.  In our past we were known to drive without headlights on nights like this one in the absence of any other cars on the road.  I did mention our previous lack of good judgement.

Cool moonlight lit up the landscape outshining most of the stars.  Diamond dust covered the snow twinkled in the bright moonlight.  No animals were seen at 4 AM.  Nothing moved.  A cold quiet stillness covered the frozen moonlit scene.  This night was truly special as these conditions are rather rare here.  A night like this one might be more common in January.  It was a spectacular sight, but it was good to get back to our warm bed!  Opening a window to try for pictures never crossed our minds.

Many new animal tracks marked the previously smooth snow by morning.  The temperature has climbed into the twenties so it is time for us to venture outside.  The mail must be collected and the garbage hauled down to the road.  We did not get a photo of the beautiful moonlit scene, but it will not be forgotten!

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Wow, that is really cold for so early in the season! We've been in the teens overnight a couple of nights already, but then right back into the 20s and 30s. Now I'm hearing forecasts of a December "polar vortex" and I don't like it! ;-)