Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dancing With The Big Stone

I have been waiting in breathless anticipation for this performance.  The weather is perfect and well it should be.  Doing these kind of moves with a partner that is very heavy, a dead weight in fact, is not often attempted.  I am thrilled to be able to catch this on film!  Ed is feeling good and is in great form!  He deftly prepares the spot for the final move with his maddock while his partner waits in stony silence.

Note Ed's unusual move with the side of the potato hook.  It is not often seen, but Ed is a master with his tool!

Now the real dance commences. This lift requires grace and pry bar leverage with a partner that is so dense.  The mud and stones are all prepared  to make a successful landing possible for this incredibly complex move.

The stone missed the landing ever so slightly.  This will require delicate maneuvers on Ed's part.

Ed positions another stone while his partner rests in anticipation of the final landing.

What an exciting move!  Ed and his pry bar are poetry in motion and the unwieldy stone has made an almost perfect landing.

This one leg in the air move is unprecedented, but really paid off.  The big stone is almost exactly where Ed wanted it!!

He places stones at the base of the big stone so that it can remain solidly in place.

Now it is over.  The stone is perfectly placed and Ed is still looking terrific.  What a fabulous performance!  Bravo!!!!!!  What can Ed possibly do for an encore?   I can hardly wait!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great performance for sure! I always loved it, like you, when my husband did projects like this. I miss him.

Enjoy every day you have together. You have a lovely bit of creation there.