Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Of My Plants Are Old Friends!

Many of the plants in the stone wall garden are very old friends.  While we may find a passing fancy in the new things that come along, it is the plants that we have cared for over the years that mean the most.  This pink sedum, Sedum sieboldi, originally came from a single small plant purchased on a visit to Caprilands in 1993.  It always blooms late in the season here, usually sometime in October.

This one is planted in the top of Ed's curved stone wall.  The hard freeze that we had has begun to turn the leaves pink, but the flowers still have their lovely aroma.  It's a real treat for the senses when so many of garden plants are dead or dying back.

I have three of these plants at the moment.  Planted near Ed's stone walls, this one is still green and just beginning to bloom.  It also has some weed cover that may offer some additional frost protection.  That could be baloney of course, but it makes me feel a little better about seeing a plant I love so much surrounded by weeds.

The third plant looks very nice with lots of pretty pink flowers.  Ed took special care to place this plant this spring. You can see his carefully sifted gravel at its base.   The neighboring weeds here are not yet huge.  As the weather continues to turn cold these plants will die back to ground level.
After 22 years I have formed quite an attachment to this plant.  It is one of my garden treasures.  If the plants do well this spring perhaps I will divide one to share with friends.  After all this time, I would like to keep this pretty pink plant going and going and going!


Indie said...

Such lovely colors on those leaves! There are always plants we treasure just a little bit more in the garden because of their history. There are some plants in the garden I treasure a little more because I've fought so long to keep them alive.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

They are beautiful, especially along your rock walls. We're thinking the same way--my "plant of the month" is also an old friend. There's just something about the tried-and-true, reliable, and lovely plants that have a special place in our hearts.