Friday, October 18, 2013

Still In The Pink

Although most of the flowers are gone in the garden, here and there some of my favorite  flowers are still in the pink.  My Sedum sieboldi that grows on top of Ed's wall is pink all over.  The same plant in other places have pink flowers, but the leaves are still green with a reddish edge.  They will change soon too.  I bought the first of these plants at Caprilands in 1993. All the others have come from that one.  It was just today with this plant at nose level that I discovered it has a spectacular fragrance. Just watch out for the bees!

This pink phlox is blooming underneath the smoke bush.  Apparently the frost has not yet found it there.  My white phlox has been gone for some time.

One or two of Ingeborg's striped mallow plants are still looking pretty.  One of them did lose its top to  a visiting deer.

Next to the stone wall this pink snapdragon still looks perfect!

With the warm weather we have been having one pink poppy  in the stone square is blooming.  It is a pleasant reminder of summer and one of my very favorite flowers.

A closer look reveals that this poppy is not the pale pink color that I try to maintain in the garden. Like the single poppies that appear in the garden, I usually pull the darker flowers as soon as I notice them to limit  their chance to pollinate.  It's necessary to maintain the  pale pink doubles that I love.  In this case I will let this plant stay.  It is the only poppy in the garden now and it won't cross pollinate with anybody!

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