Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bloodroot Seeds

We do not usually see any trace of our bloodroot plants, Sanguinaria canadensis, at this time of year.  Early hot dry weather has, in the past, brought their year's growth to an end by now.  Most days this June have been rainy and many of the the plants are flourishing.  Some leaves are spotted with rot or feature chew holes but they are still doing their work.  Early Spring is months away while dreams of a rich drift of pure white flowers are here now.

Our early plant order included three more bloodroots.  When the order was placed we had no idea if any of the old plants would make an appearance this year.  The three new plants stand alongside of the older plants.

Only one of the flowers set seed this year.  We have never before seen a seed capsule.  This one has been under careful scrutiny for weeks.  Today, I was behind the plant pulling weeds when this hole was discovered.  Ants are credited with dispersing bloodroot seeds as they feed on a seed coating.  It appears that the ants have opened the package.  We will let nature take its course here.  With any luck some of these seeds may grow replacing some of the plants that have died here in past attempts to cultivate this wild flower.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

I've never seen the seedpod, either. Now I know what to look for! My Bloodroot is totally gone for the season. It's always such a welcome sign of spring--even if it doesn't last very long!