Friday, July 6, 2012

A Touch Of Rain

Today we finally got some rain.   Both the gardeners and the plants were delighted.  Ed went out straight away to weed the peppers.  Check out the roots on that purslane, and he got it all!  Scott and Helen Nearing believed in weeding after a rain.  Today's last step was a double watering using the hand held cans.  Extra moisture settling the freshly disturbed soil nicely finishes the job.

I headed out with the camera looking for water.  Ed's "Black Knight" lilies point straight up at the sky.  I was so sure I would find some water in this lovely flower, but it was empty.  Perhaps the rain leaked out or the plant absorbed what moisture there was to be had.  To us these straight up in the air lilies look kind of silly.

The flower is very nice, but these tall lilies that must be viewed from the side look a bit bizarre.  We won't even mention the buds!   Lily Regal has a very similar flower  in color and shape.  It's horizontal blossoms will be the clear winner here.

I did find a few drops of standing water in the back of this downward facing lily.  Its multiple flowers have been a delight but the show is soon closing.

These dazzling gold lily blossoms are new today.  Up until today it looked like these "Harlequin" mixed lilies might be all pink.  One of the four plants had a slightly different leaves.  Now it's really obvious that one of these plants is not like the others.

Today's rain was wonderful.  No amount of time with the watering cans can match it.

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Esther Montgomery said...

Nice to read a post celebrating rain. Ours has been a bit . . . er . . . much this year!