Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here For A Day

Sometimes a surprise awaits us in the garden.  This bright yellow splat caught my eye as I looked out on the garden from the living room window yesterday morning.  This overnight growth appeared on top of the pile of reground hardwood bark mulch.  I have been taking mulch from the pile recently and that may be what prompted the alien growth.

Yellow veins through the white web are a little creepy.  The porous structure of the main body does not invite close inspection.  Touching it is out of the question.  Simon & Schuster's Guide To Mushrooms describes Steccherinium Ochraceum as prompting no interest in eating because of its texture.  No claim is made that this growth is even a mushroom.

At day's end the bright color was gone.  Investigation this morning found this growth a little more worn but a new one had sprouted nearby.  One has to be impressed with the myriad forms of life around us.  I wonder what surprise is waiting outside today.

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Daphne Gould said...

We had about 20 slime molds in the garden this year. Way too many. One is interesting as they are semi mobile and so strange. More and you are stepping on them all the time.