Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Onion Time Again

 I just placed our onion order for 2012. This is the earliest I have ever done that. For some years we have been ordering  onion plants from Dixondale Farms in Texas. Given the drought conditions there this summer , I wanted to make sure to get my order in early. In spite of the nasty weather here this year, we had a  nice onion crop. This braid of red marble cippolinis is still looking  good. I ordered yellow Spanish, Redwing, Copras and red marble cippolinis this year.

My copras were beautiful and large. Onion plants work out well for us. Unfortunately, this year we had to harvest them wet. Some of them have spoiled, but we still have good onions to use. This braid is definitely getting down to its end. Hanging them in the basement in braids helps to keep them at their best. Some years I never have to buy onions in the store. I love it when that happens!


DeVona said...

Your onions look wonderful! We haven't grown decent onions in a long time! Received an email from Pat, congratulating me on illustrating for GreenPrints for 10 years! :-) also enjoyed chatting with you yesterday!

CommonWeeder said...

Next year I am planting a serious crop of onions. They are already ordered. Come join my Giveaway - Debra Lee Baldwin's book Succulent Container Gardens.

Becca said...

Hi! I'm with Dixondale Farms and was wondering if we could use your photo of your Red Marble Cippolinis on our website. Please email me at the email address attached to my Google account. Thank you!