Monday, November 28, 2011

Frost Images

Certain problems accompany the desire to get great frost pictures.  Leaving the warm house just after sunrise is not an easy way to start the day.  Inertia and a cup of hot tea hold me inside.  I did venture out this morning but it was to late to get crisp pictures.  Warmth from the sun had started to soften the frost by the time I finally went outside.  Great frost pictures will have to wait for another day.  These are worth a look.

First year strawberry plants were thinned from the bed several weeks ago.  Trashing them seemed wrong so they were placed in a dish pan.  Pushed together in a clump without soil, they still look to be in great condition.  Bright red leaf color keeps them out of the trash.

Extreme cold finds the roof of the car.  The thin metal surface at some distance from the warmth of the ground is the coldest surface around.  Sunlight may have degraded these frost crystals prior to the photo.  Feathery frost formations will have to be recorded just after sunrise.  That has not happened yet.

Wood betony and weeds are the subjects here.  Quack grass is a formidable enemy.  Reducing its numbers is an ongoing quest.  We have given up hope of ever eradicating it here.

These deep fossils are a favorite subject. It's amazing how the frost brings out the details.

The hens and chicks are on top of a stone wall near the house.  Residual warmth limited frost growth here. Delicate white frost outlines each leaf making the plant structure an interesting subject.

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Esther Montgomery said...

The frost on the car roof is the one that interests me most. Although it is a common sight, I have never examined it in this detail - whereas frost on plants draws one close and often.