Friday, June 25, 2010

Mixed Lilies

It has been tough for lilies here for the last two years. Early heat to force the bulbs followed by hard freezes has taken it's toll on many.

This plant , purchased in a group of mixed lilies, is a survivor. Last year it had a single stalk and a few flowers. This year there are more stalks, and a quick count finds eight blooms with buds for many more to come. The rest of the plants in the mix have amounted to absolutely nothing. When compared to the 2" by 4" cage wire, you can see the blossoms are large.

The blossoms with shades of orange and tiny purple spots are scentless, but hummingbirds are drawn to them. It's the hardiness of this beautiful lily that really impresses. One might consider getting more of these lilies, but when you choose the slightly cheaper ,"pig-in-poke", mix, that option is not open to you. We will have to be happy with what we have, and hope their numbers continue to increase. Maybe in the future we will stick to named varieties. They do have their advantages!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That is a lovely lily and I hope it gives you more and more each spring.


Lona said...

I have a bed of those mixed assortment of lilies planted in the woodland bed. My problem is the deer instead of the weather. Your survivor has grown so big despite the weather though.

Northern Shade said...

That's a very sunny lily, and it is blooming right out of the fence. You're right about the drawback to unnamed varieties, not being able to get more of the same if you like them.