Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Wildflowers

Yesterday our annual Mother's Day search in the woods for Fringed polygala was called on account of rain.  Finding them a day later was still a wonderful discovery!  They grow close to the ground and  are less than three inches tall. This make the polygalas a tiny treasure  for us to search for and find.  Ed saw them first.  For some reason it is very hard to see the first one, but after you become aware of their presence you can see  the whole patch.  It was not a large group, but enough to make us very happy!

Still wet with water droplets from yesterday's rain these tiny little wildflowers take my breath away!   They mean more to me than any hot house orchid ever could.

I was delighted to see a still unopened bud.  That means I can enjoy the flowers for a little bit longer!

It seem like it is getting harder and harder to find a patch of these purple beauties. The flowers we found today have a lot of competition  from grasses and speedwell that have crept in from nearby fields.  It is not really practical to try to weed a patch of wildflowers in the woods, but I am sure Ed will make a special place and move a few plants from the edge of the patch to a perfect spot where they may have a chance to thrive!  He has transplanted them before with great results.   I'm sure he can do it again!

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