Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Watch Where You Are Walking! Photos By Amy

White pine needles and oak leaves make an interesting surface for walking.  It is slippery especially on uneven ground. This causes a person to watch where they are walking.  When you have a camera and an eye for beautiful nature images, this is the result.  "Perforated Oak Leaf with Pine Needles"


I guess you could call this "Dead Stick with Fungus" but that would hardly cover what I see here!

Flattened leaves, a round fungus, green moss, a round fungus and sunlight in January make a perfect picture for me!  I'm calling this one "Natural Sphere".

This one titled "Milkweed Mess" by the photographer is not the image of milkweed we are accustomed to seeing.  Rain and snow have made their mark.  Most of the seeds have been eaten by hungry  bugs or rodents.

These milkweed seeds will not float on the wind under their fluffy white parachute.  Still they have a purpose.  I'm calling this one "Five Seeds in Half a Pod".   For January or anytime these are special images.  Watch where you are walking because there is so much to see!

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