Friday, September 9, 2016

Weeding On The Wild Side

This year the garden down by the road has a tame side and a wild side.  The tame side has Ed's fantastic stone wall and Siberian iris alternated with Autumn Joy sedums in the foreground with tall flowers in the back.  It looks just like we planned it.  It is what our neighbors get to see.

This is how it looks from the wild side.  We have been wanting to do something about this and today was the day.  We even had some shade to work in but the edge of the garden bed had to be found before we could begin.  We worked together.   Known weeds, crab grass, quack grass, woody nightshade... filled our trugs over and over again.

Eventually garden plants begin to appear.  Inga's mallow, the Siberian iris and a sedum finally came into view.  The sunflowers are picked clean of seeds by the goldfinches and chickadees. They have been great, but it is time for them to go!  The plants are huge and require Ed and his spade for removal.

We spent a delightful morning together in the garden.  When the shade disappeared so did I.  Ed stayed a little longer.  Look at the fantastic difference we made!  I'm looking forward to our next chance to go weeding on the wild side!


Indie said...

It looks great! I've been so lax with the weeding this summer due to the heat, but it's so nice to get back out there now that it's cooled down a bit and get the garden back in shape! I love that combination of sedum alternating with irises, too.

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

I agree about the Sedum/Iris combination--it looks great in all seasons. What a great title for this post, and for that side of the garden. Tee hee. I need to do some weeding on the wild side (and the tame side), too!