Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Sweet Scent Of Spring

The arbutus patch is clear of snow.  The flowers that we found before the last snow storm are still there. Today was sunny and warm enough to enjoy being outside in the garden provided we were wearing enough clothing.  That included winter hats hooded sweatshirts, gloves and an extra coat layer for me.

As cool as it was we wondered if there was any chance that the arbutus flowers were emitting their fabulous scent.  We both wanted to get our nose close enough to find out.  While ladies first has been the rule, Ed , gentleman that he is, went first.   For us at this point getting down prostrate on the ground is not easy, but getting back up can be worse.  I waited with anticipation  while Ed sniffed finding the long awaited aroma was indeed present.   Knowing that gave me the motivation needed to ease myself down to the ground with my nose in the flowers.  Breathing in that sweet scent of spring was a delight.  Ed had the camera but he was sweet enough to refrain from taking my picture or worse yet making a video of me getting back up.  I did a cross between a push up, downward facing dog  and a few other moves that defy description.  It wasn't pretty, but I did it!   The fragrance of my beloved arbutus  was absolutely worth everything!

All of the flowers that are open now appear to be on a single plant.  Most of the others have buds.  Some of them are tightly closed.  Some are beginning to show white buds.  We will look forward to warmer  sunny days when we will experience the  fragrance of arbutus on the breeze.

Planting the new asparagus bed was another exciting development in the garden.   Perhaps not everyone would would see the beauty that we see here, but the prospect of dining on just picked asparagus gathered from a weed free bed is the stuff of dreams for us.  It will be two years before we can harvest from this planting.  Must be we plan to still be here then.  The promise of new life that comes with this season instills one with positive feelings.  Today was a cool, glorious spring day and one to be remembered!


PlantPostings said...

Oh joy! I was giggling during the part about kneeling down to smell the blooms. Yes, the getting back up part is the hardest. ;-)

Indie said...

Very exciting! Oh the things we do and the positions we find ourselves in for our plants! Enjoy the asparagus. I've thought about planting asparagus, but most of the available gardening space is taken. At some point we'll have to clear out some space way out back in our yard and put in a fence to keep the deer away from more edibles!