Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wet Flowers And Bugs

With all this rain the garden is lush.  The plants have all the water they could want.  There are some beautiful flowers out there and there are lots of bugs.  It was my intention to take pictures of flowers , but I soon learned that every flower in this weather seems to come with at least one bug.  It's not much of a challenge to see the ants on this butterfly weed.  Maybe it's because the flower is wet but the color seems more vibrant than usual to me.

The bug on this Lily Regale is easy to see.  Perhaps this lily would look better with a bit more sun, but any  flowers are always welcome, especially Ed's lilies!

The Lilium farolito is shorter than usual this year, but the aroma when you walk past the plant makes up for any lack of perfection in the blooms and leaves.  The tiny fly on this flower is a little harder to see.

My first first flowering tobacco flower is open.  These plants come up from seed here and I love their  evening fragrance.  Hummingbirds are big fans of these flowers as well.  On the wet white flower even this teeny bug is easy to see.

Another plant that comes up from seed is this gorgeous mallow that I got from Ingleborg.  I'm always happy to see these beautiful flowers.  The bug here is really small, but this flower has one too.

The Art's Pride coneflower was a real surprise.  We were sure that this one was gone.  We saw nothing of it last summer.  The bug on this flower is  incredibly small.

It has been a real challenge to get a nice picture of my favorite pink poppies.  Rain knocks the petals off the flowers so easily, but this one is a beauty.  The bug on it is slightly hidden behind one of those beautiful, wet, pink petals.  If you click on the pictures to make them larger, you may find the bugs easier to spot.  I won't spoil the fun, but if clues are needed I will add them in a comment later!

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Indie said...

What a beautiful mallow! I don't usually see poppies that look like your pink one. Pretty!