Friday, July 13, 2012

Weather, Wildlife, and Wishes

Ed has worn a brown path in the grass leading from the hydrant to the garden.   Every day he makes many trips.  The garden plants desperately need the water.

The exasperating rodent continues to invade the garden.  Even deeper tunnels are appearing and beet greens and lettuce are disappearing.  Last July 26 when it was dry we had a similar invasion inside the stone square.

This year the drought is worse.  Even the milkweed plants show stress from the heat and lack of rain. There is no way we can water the acres of milkweed that grow here.  I really wish it would rain!  I 'm sure the farmers here wish for it too.  I've never seen the corn as short as it is this year.

Thanks to Ed's persistent watering, many garden plants are still holding their own.  At least there is a chance of rain tomorrow.  If only wishing made it so!

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