Friday, July 27, 2012

Apparently Rain Makes All the Difference

Yesterday there were dire storm warnings for our area, but in the end all we received was some badly needed rain.  Ed's Hotline lily opened.  It's a lovely white flower with raised red spots and  a delicate fragrance.  A spring ordered bulb, this is its first year here.  We will watch to see if the hint of red in the petals grows stronger as the flower matures.

Salmon Star continues to bloom, but now with some rain the flowers are exquisite, large and sweetly scented.  Two of four plants survived the spring rodent attacks.  We hope that the other two bulbs make an appearance next year.  These have been with us for three years now.  The flower count from a mature bulb  is impressive.

Tiger Woods is  beautiful and fragrant.  These too were spring planted this year.

With bit of rain, Pandora looks perfect in pink and adds her perfume to the garden.  Fall planted last year, only one of three survived the rodent attack.  Two leaves are feeding the second bulb.  The third lost its short stalk to careless mulch spreading.  We expect that all three will be back next year.  The dormant bulbs are waiting for a freeze cycle to signal time for new active growth.

The Turk's Cap lily that was a gift from Jane is blooming and tall.  It's the first time in several years for this lily to flower.  In past years the plant seemed to put all of its energy into producing small bulbils at every point where leaf and stem meet.

Not only are the flowers responding, but the vegetables are as well.  The broccoli is bursting to life. The yellow squash and zucchini are as well.  Green beans that were stunted by the drought are looking green and beginning to climb their poles.

The coyotes appear to have moved on or at least have moved back to the tall grass.  I don't know how long the effects of the rain will last, but for the first time in quite awhile things are looking better in the garden.

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