Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patio Thyme

Becky's efforts planting tiny pieces of red creeping thyme are paying off. The far edge could use more plants but the rest of the patio has filled in nicely. Location is important in business and here. Sited at the west end of the house, the patio gets hand weeding when the heat of the sun drives Becky out of the garden. Fortunately the weeding was complete before the thyme flowered. Now the area is thick with bees.

There is still no cover to the top step. Several issues remain unsolved. A wooden deck would create a dandy den for skunks or other undesireable creatures. Who needs that right outside the door? Originally this door was served by field stone steps. A curve in the foundation wall suggested that the combination of frost and stones was caving in the wall. After the steps were removed I figured out the the foundation wall had been set with the curve in place. Nothing had moved.

Chemically treated green wood goes against my grain so the step remains uncovered. At this point I believe a field stone pillar in place of the wooden deck would make a better step. If that was done then perhaps the final grading would get some attention and we could actually use the thyme patio.


Northern Shade said...

The creeping thyme is filling in well, and is the perfect companion to the stonework. The generous flowers spilling from the cracks adds a wonderful softness.

wiseacre said...

Too bad you're a bit out of my range. I've got a source of sandstone that would make some fine steps.