Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flamboyant For A Day

What could be more flamboyant than a red hibiscus? I first saw flowers like these driving by a house at, let's say 55 miles per hour. At that speed or even faster, hibiscus flowers are a real eye catcher. The first Hibiscus plant I bought turned out to be white trimmed with pink. It's beautiful with many large flowers and I love it.Last year I got a chance to buy the red.Wow!

Evening is approaching, and the day's hibiscus flowers are closing up. They are big and glorious, but one day is all they get. Tomorrow there will be new flowers to take their turn at being flamboyant. I still drive by the house where I first saw the red hibiscus flowers. This year that plant is gone. Being in zone 4 I consider myself lucky whenever my hibiscus plants come back in the spring. Just how long can beauty that intense last anyway?

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Mary Delle said...

Beautiful flowers!!