Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wild Egret Chase

Ed went to get gas for the tractor. When he returned he told me to put on my shoes, and bring the camera. When I asked why, he told me he had seen the egrets again . Perhaps if we were lucky they would still be there. While we drove on River Road, I set the camera so I could try for a picture with a minimum of noise. We took the dirt road that crosses the stream, and goes through corn fields and wetlands. This time we at least got a picture of the elusive white bird. This is a a typical wetland for around here. The streams wander back and forth across the valley. This former stream bed now ends at roads edge. You can see jewelweed and boneset in the lower right corner of the picture. While we were there we saw a green heron fly from right next to the road into the distance. Several great blue herons did a fly-by in the distance. Rings appeared on the surface of the water where fish broke the surface of the water. We watched this bird for some time and then drove on to look for others. We did see another egret, but it was too far away to even try for a picture. We came back home happy. Our wild egret chase was a complete success!

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