Saturday, March 14, 2009

Looking For Wintergreen

It was chilly this morning. I watched some crows harassing a red tail hawk just outside the living room window. What an aerial display! It really amazes me the way thos crows swoop after a hawk. This afternoon was much warmer. I went out to check the garden. Ed chased nine deer out of the garden last evening. They were munching on some of my plants. We moved cages around to try to protect some of the remaining bulbs. The rose campion only had a few leaves eaten so far.

After replacing a fallen birdhouse, Ed went down to work on his wall. I wandered around and found some wintergreen. It's a favorite plant of mine and it grows here in several places. New growth leaves are red and more tender. There are none here, either because it's too early or because they have been eaten. I admit I like to chew on them myself. The berries although hard to find are tasty as well. I was always a big fan of Teaberry gum and ice cream. Sadly most wintergreen flavoring now is artificial and tastes more like like Ben Gay. I'll keep looking for berries ane red leaves. The leaves make a delicious tea.

Ed and I pulled a wild grape vine out of a white pine. It probably wasn't the smartest thing we ever did. We stood well out away from the tree and nothing fell on our heads. I feel better with the vine gone before it strangled that nice tree.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Becy I have a small patch of wintergreen and it really is lovely .. even had the littl red berries last Fall : )
It is an underated little gem of a plant !

Daphne said...

Whenever I go hiking in western MA I'm always on the lookout for wintergreen. I love the smell, though really hate the taste in the foods that are flavored like it.

Anonymous said...

Wintergreen always looks like such a lovely plant in the catalogs, but some say it's invasive here so I've always avoided it. I'd love to taste it though!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I loved teaberry gum-it was a favorite! It's nice you have this wintergreen growing. I haven't ever had it but it sounds great.