Saturday, March 28, 2009

Half An Oval Plus

The trunk of the locust tree is inside the line between the two ends of the wall. That means the wall is more than half done. Each days progress adds greatly to the sense of pending completion. Soil in the hole was the first task today. One pie shaped wedge is ready for planting. Now more soil must be added before wall work can happen. Sifting soil is a task. Building wall is play. If tomorrows rain materializes, the aching back will rest from all this work and play.

Tree swallows were in the air here today. Their return is always welcomed. Sheer joy is the only way to describe the flight of tree swallows. Constant turns, climbs and dives is their style. For them flight is much more than a way to get from here to there. Blue birds have been in and out of the nest boxes. We will watch to see if they can hold their claim under the pressure from the swallows. Last year we watched in horror as a diving swallow knocked a blue bird from the top of the nest box. They will have to work this out. All we do is watch.

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Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I love your stone walls. We are finally in the process of bringing in several pallates and my husband is going to start that backbreaking (but playful) project. I used to be totally immersed in the physical part of things...but now I have degenerative discs in my cervical and lumbar areas as well as ongoing pain so I don't attempt as much anymore:-( I want to, though!

Those birds--oh, you just wish you could help them, reach out and change the course of nature...but alas, the cycle of life must continue as it's meant to be...