Monday, March 16, 2009

The Winds Of Change

Here is an area where the bedrock ridge meets the glacial fill. Water is always running between these two layers. Year round springs are common along the base of the ridge. Trees are limited to shallow root systems by the bedrock that is very near the surface. Plentiful water encourages rich growth. Wind had no difficulty pushing these trees over. An area that was beautiful and tranquil has been filled with a twisted jumble of fallen trees.

A shallow pond was formed with the back blade of a tractor to provide drinking water for livestock that pastured here. Those animals left with the previous owner. The pond remains. We were able to jump from the dam to the base of this tree when it was upright. This island of pines was home to a raccoon family and included a perch for the great horned owl. We have watched the young raccoons hide from us in the safety of a tree. Owl pellets littered the ground under the perch tree. Sometimes we just have to move on.

We have neither the tools nor the inclination to alter this mess. Trees that fall to the ground here decay rapidly. The attached root mass supports these fallen trees clear of the ground. They may remain intact for many years. We cannot modify so we will simply adjust.

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Michelle said...

I think it's nice that you don't do anything to the fallen trees. Leave it to Mother Nature, she knows how to deal with such things! It's nice to see that your coming out from under you blanket of snow!