Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Me !

The weather here today was fantastic. Ed has been working on my shade garden wall all afternoon. I spent my time cleaning up the mint beds. How I miss the smell of fresh mints. Tea made from the dried leaves is lovely, but fresh mint is something very special. Just clearing away the dead plant material filled the air with the aroma. It was the same with the Monarda .

I found two flowers in the garden today. One is a snow drop and the other a rather anemic looking Johnny Jump Up. The first tricolor blackbird appeared today as well. One perhaps not so wonderful development is the return of the flies,but it goes with the territory. You can't expect the insect eating birds to return until the bugs are here.

It was after five when I went out and snapped these pictures. Ed is so focused on building the wall that I don't think he even noticed that I was doing it.

This has been a full sun garden for so long. I'm quite excited at the prospect of having at least a little bit of partial shade to plant. This spot will be sunny fairly late in the spring since it gets its shade from a locust tree. For me and the garden this was a very lucky day and I'm only a tiny bit Irish!


Alice Joyce said...

TRYING.... to leave a comment. I'll try again. Looks like brilliant progress being made... Drop by and say hey, http://BayAreaTendrils.blogspot.com
Feels like spring today... I'm itching to get to New York in a few weeks! take care,

Bren said...

THis is wonderful rock work . I can't wait to stop by and see how it turns out.
Happy Gardening!