Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry We're Closed

I confess to being a Goldilocks gardener. I like it not too hot, not too cold but just right. Yesterday was cold and rainy and I stayed inside. Ed spent some time outside anyway, and when he came in he told me about the snow drops over by my parents' memorial bench. I promised to take a walk over there. Today is colder with little snow is in the air, but I bundled up, and we walked the path over to the bench. It's a popular path with the deer. We really had to watch where we were walking. Most of the droppings were on a sloped part of the path. We speculated on whether these deposits were made going up the hill or going down. When we arrived we were greeted with two clumps of snow drops. All of the flowers were closed tightly on this cold and cloudy day.

The clump in the front illustrates how persistent these little flowers are. If leaves are over them, they just pierce right through and bloom anyway. Even closed up tight they were worth the trip!

These snow drops are the most impressive that we have. Self planted and largely undisturbed they have flourished here. Some were chewed off but most were intact. Shade is part of this location. We do not know if the luxurious growth is the result of somehow favorable conditions or because we leave them alone.

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Northern Shade said...

The snowdrops look so dainty against the stone backdrop. How fortunate that they arose on their own in just the right place, and that they don't need maintenance. They are definitely worth a visit, whether the bloom shop is open or closed.