Sunday, March 15, 2009

That Barbed Wire Will Get You!

It's a frosty morning , but the sun is shining, and I'm looking forward to another afternoon of wandering in the wild areas of the place. With the tall grass down you can walk almost everywhere, watching out for holes of course. Since we moved here we have removed miles of barbed wire. There is still fencing along the edges of the property line. They have been there for many years. I found it fascinating the way this black birch changed its growth when faced with the barbed wire. This tree managed to grow for years slowly growing wider and engulfing the offending wire. Sometime this winter the wind blew hard enough to snap the tree along the line of barbed wire .

The tree is being held up by its neighbors. It will be interesting to see if the tree is dead or if it will leaf out and carry on in its persistent growth in spite of the difficult conditions. Trees can teach you a lot!


Anonymous said...

Trees always try to heal themselves; I hope this poor fellow makes it. :) It is nice to see your new header photo without the snow!

Gail said...

I am not a fan of barbed is so user unfriendly. Is the snow gone for good? gail

Becky said...

My Dad always said a barbed wire fence protected the property without spoiling the view. No, the snow is not gone for good unless this is the weirdest year yet!