Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stone Walls Grow Here!

As it happens the stones along this line are thawed and ready for building. Here the stone was pitched at field's edge in a random pile. The original farm has been sectioned and sold. Now this stone pile is a property line. The owner of the other half of the pile would also prefer a wall. No part of the garden is ready for attention so work is done here. This project will go dormant as soon as work in the garden is possible. These stones are not the best for wall building. Large gaps and rapid progress characterize the work here. Resident chipmunks objected over work in their territory. They lost no time finding use for the holes inside this wall.

Stones are the dominant feature here. A stake is customarily driven to secure the end of the marker line. Underlying stones would deny entrance to a stake. A stone tower holds the string. This stone pile is surprisingly deep. Plant matter that falls on stones decomposes into a black powder called duff. Duff will be the basis for the woodland garden that will grow here. We just need to pull out all of the stone.

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Janet said...

I don't have stones in the soil in my area. I do like the structural aspect of being able to use the natural elements in the yard/ garden. We also don't have chipmunks along the coast, so I think they are kind of cute.