Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Day

The first things I noticed this morning were hordes of tiny bugs that filled the air in the morning light. It soon became obvious that this was the first day so nice that I just had to get outside and work in the garden. The first crocus to open had some help as you can see. Deer? Rabbits? Who knows! The ones protected by cages are not open yet. While I was working in the day lily bed I saw my first snake. It was small and fast, just a baby. My Eek reflex is working fine again this year. My first glimpse of a butterfly was a welcome sight. It was orange, gorgeous and very fast. I think perhaps it may have been a comma. The first female bluebird made her appearance at the nest boxes outside the kitchen window. The guys have been around for awhile, but now we have a pair. The first cowbirds made an appearance at the bird feeder. This is also the first day Ed has been playing outside all day in his shirt sleeves. When dinner is started, I'll have to go look for him!


Gail said...

A fine day of firsts...much to celebrate...Have a good wekend. gail

Janet said...

Mr. Snake would cause me to eek as well! I have a garden that doesn't get weeded after the end of April...too tall and possible snakes. Your crocus is pretty.